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Interns who work at the Rusk-Panola Children's Advocacy Center not only work in a therapeutic setting, but can also be given the opportunity to work closely with our multidisciplinary team. Internship positions are provided through our Program and Therapy departments.

Program Department Internship

  • Applicants must be seeking at least a Bachelor's level degree in social work, counseling or related field. 

  • Interns must be willing to participate in multidisciplinary staff meetings, observe and implement family needs assessments, provide case management services when needed, research local family resources, and learn crisis intervention techniques.

  • Interns may also be asked to participate in community events, fundraisers, educational programs and other programs offered by Rusk-Panola CAC.


      Send resumes to: 

Clinical Internship 

  • Applicants must be seeking a master’s level degree in social work, counseling or a related field.

  • Interns must be willing to work with clients of all ages in a therapeutic and/or group setting.

  • Must attend a monthly Clinical Team meeting.


    Send resumes to:

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